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Parrot Bird Cage Toy Total Recall for mini macaw african grey cockatoo quaker SIZE: 12"

Price: $10.50
Manufacturer: FAXANTBIRD
Manufacturer Part No: FA#473

Parrot Bird Cage Toy Total Recall  for mini macaw african grey cockatoo quaker

SIZE: 12" Long and just to destroy......Free Shipping

This toy will keep your bird entertained and occupied for hours.

We make sizes for all parrots, small, medium, large, to play, learn, swing, destroy, love and get even.

Our toys are in many colors with safe dye food coloring, many texture, stainless steel, acrylic, wood like spruce, pine, beech wood, birch,  100% cotton ropes, sisal, manila ropes, bells, vegetable dye leather......all from parrot safe materials.....

Easy attachment with quick links to use in side or out side of the cage, in door or out door. Colors may vary. Each toy is made by order so none of them are identical.

All our toys are made in USA.

 We can customize any toy for you; size, shape, material or color preference, just ask.

Please remember that you are the one who choose toy for your parrot and you must know how strong, delicate, sensitive or aggressive is your bird.


Please note: Toys  that has come into contact with birds are not refundable or returnable. Please ask any question before you purchase.
All toys are from material safe for parrot.

Please remember that actual toys maybe are slight different in shape or color then showed, they all hand made.

Thank you.

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