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For Macaw Attack Large Bird Parrot Toy Macaw African Grey Large Cockatoo Amazon

Price: $39.50
Manufacturer: FAXANTBIRD

FOR MACAW ATTACK large bird parrot toy macaw, African grey large cockatoo amazon #295

SIZE: X LARGE 34" long 50+ elements strong and entertaining 

We can customize any toy for you,  size, shape, material or color preference, please ask for or send us a picture, we make all toys in US.

Remember you are the one who know you parrot, you are the one who choose the toys, if you parrot is; gentle, aggressive, curious, destructive, strong or wick, choose wisely or ask question, we can help or guide. 

Will keep your bird entertained and occupied for hours.

Size for all parrots, small, medium, large, to play, learn, swing, destroy, love and get even.

We use many colors with safety dye food coloring, many texture, stainless steel, wood like spruce, pine, Beach wood, acrylic, 100% cotton rope, bells, leather......all from parrot safe materials.....

Easy attachment with quick link to use in side the cage or out side the cage, in door or out door.

All our toys are made in USA.

Please note: Opened Bird Gyms, Climbing Nets, Carriers, Toys, Bird Harnesses that has come into contact with birds are not refundable or returnable. Please ask any question before you purchase.

All toys are from material safe for parrot.

Please remember that actual toys maybe are slight different in shape or color then showed, they all hand made.


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