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Hello, welcome to Faxantbird store, we are family operated online store/shop located in PA, specialized in toys for parrots and birds, toys from very small to very big in size.

We own parrots, so you can be assured that your experience will not only be pleasurable, but educational.

Our selection will help you to choose the special toy for your bird, according to how shy, aggressive, gentle or strong your parrot are.

The material we use for toys are safe for all birds, toys are design and hand made by our family.
From stainless steel, acrtlic, vegetable dye leather, sisal rope, 100% cotton rope....
Our lumber is special selected, then cut in our shop, holes are drill and dye in food coloring, safe for animals.

We ship items in 3-5 business days .

We trying our best to make our Parrots safe , happy, smart, entertain, busy and just like they are ......full of fun and love.

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